Who we work with


The Timeshare Association is not on any side in any particular issue and we hope to deliver fairness to both camps.

We hope to influence the sales process, the delivery of key information to prospected timeshare consumers as well as the long termers. We want to hear the good the bad and the ugly. We have a desire to praise the good and intervene when something has gone bad with the hope of turning it around and assist consumers when things have got ugly.

So, we will work with anyone and ensure that the good is promoted, that the bad is identified and the ugly is prosecuted.

We need good, honest and reliable resellers who not only work with industry but consumers as well.

We will work with the small, medium, large and fledgling exchange companies. The bolt on service providers to ensure timeshares become the great product it should be.

We also need good lawyers who will embrace mediation and other non-contentious routes so as to ensure that disputes are resolved quickly.

We need to educate consumers as to the costs, consequences potential liabilities and the loss of quiet enjoyment many will suffer if they don’t consider non-contentious forums.

We need good information and assistance in the collation and detection of rogue traders to assist in the elevation of the industry’s reputation and images.

So, in fairness, we will work with anyone who is highly regarded.