Timeshare Termination Team in Cornwall

We are now experiencing many reports of mistreatment of timeshare consumers by the Timeshare Termination Team.

Consumers who respond to advertisements made by the Timeshare Termination Team will expose themselves to financial peril should they engage their services and for the following reasons. The timeshare terminations service is a sham as the services are backed up by a ‘fake indemnity policy’ created out of the minds of the notorious Mr Gary and Mrs Karen Smith of Praetorian Legal LtdMercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd [Mercantile] and the recently shut down Eze Group. The Timeshare Termination Team claims to be based in Truro In Cornwall however this a host office and no trading takes place.

The facts

The Timeshare Termination Team is not a company and fails to disclose its true identity. However the website states it is a trading in the style of Exit My Timeshare Group. This a purposeful avoidance of the truth, as you will find that the trading name behind the enterprise in none other than mischievous Mercantile Claims.

The Smiths who own Mercantile Claims further seek to suggest they have been trading since at least 04-04 2016 (see Jill’s Comments and Reference here)

This again is untrue, as the website was only created on the 20th of June 2019 see ‘whois’ Domain Registration

When you respond to the advertisements, you are then passed to Mercantile Claims who do retain a FCA Temporary Registration Number 831699 see here.

This company is owned by Mr Gary Smith. As far as his declarations to the Financial Conduct Authority are concerned, Mercantile Claims trades with the names Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd, Claim Experts 4 U and Mis Sold Claims Assist. Therefore, Mr Smith has faied to declare an interest in this trading name therefore is operating contrary to the FCA Rules.

Mercantile Claims was created on the 10th of October 2016 yet has been dormant between in 2016 and until late 2018 (see Companies House submissions). Therefore, what has been stated on the Timeshare Terminations Team website is a falsehood, at best.

Both Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims are notorious offenders and contraveners of consumer protections regulations and the Smiths have a long history in delivering deceptions against consumers who simply seek to terminate unwanted timeshares.

Mr Smith was the compliance Director of Eze Group and they were sentenced in the Birmingham Crown Court recently for crimes against the very consumers Mr Smith was paid to protect.

The owner of Eze Group was Mr Dominic O'Reilly and he was a partner and the co-owning Director of Praetorian Legal with Mrs Karen Hesker Smith (wife to Gary Smith). Mr O'Reilly was jailed for contravention of consumer protection regulations.

When EZE Group was closed down by the authorities, Mr Smith became a director of Praetorian Legal. With his wife he created and sold no less that 3 bogus insurance/indemnity certificates.

At Praetorian Legal Mr and Mrs Smith employed the corrupt services of a struck off solicitor who recently came out of prison for crimes against clients (stealing their money) and the sales team is headed by a co-owner Mr Harry Darby ex car parts salesman (not a lawyer).

Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims have been the subject of many complainants, legal actions and exposures in the past and cannot be trusted to deliver what they say will be delivered.

You should treat the Timeshare Termination Team with equal scepticism and cautions as you are exposing yourself to a financial peril.