Timeshare Termination Team and Exit My Timeshare Group

Claiming that they are experts, with no upfront fees, operating 'no win no fee' claims policies is far beyond contempt.

The company claims their mission started in 2014, they have terminated over 500 timeshare contracts and without taking a single penny upfront. Yet the website site was only registered 20th of June 2019, making the claims far beyond the truth.

They equally claim they have recovered over £600,000 in claims for their clients. Which again is untruthful, as they are neither solicitors, or registered by the financial conduct authority. In fact, the trading name is not a registered company and their company, and their trading identity is missing from the website.

Despite claiming that they trade in the style of ‘Exit My Timeshare Group’ may unmask the real identities of those who hide behind the privacy vail however that too is another DEAD END.

When scouring through Companies House, we found a company called Timeshare Termination Ltd however, this company was only set up on the 6th of November 2019, 4 (months after the website went live on the internet).

The director of Timeshare Termination Ltd is Tracy Ann Davidson. No accounts have been submitted. She lives at Chestnut House, Church Lane, Utterby, Louth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, LN11. After she set up this company, she then on the 19th set up Torn Trade Ltd on the 28th Treadex Services Ltd and then Tech Mahindra Proservices Ltd on the 12th of December.

Her qualifications are as a Customer Support Officer which is a public-facing role that involves ‘communicating with customers and clients via telephone, face-to-face, or email’.  Neither she nor the company is regulated so the ‘claims victories’ are contrary to regulation and bogus.

Mind Timeshare states ‘the Timeshare Terminations Team are cold callers’ and the website seems to be full of inconsistencies.

In the reviews section on the website Jill says ‘they relinquished her timeshare’ in a post dated the 4th of April 2016 however, this cannot be true as they had no website in 2016 and the company was not formed until the end of 2019. So, all the other reviews are also fake.

Another website ‘Claims Experts 4 U’ is also based at the same address (a farm) as Timeshare Termination Ltd. This trading website is owned by Mercantile Claims, which is part of the much discredited Praetorian Legal, set up by Dominic O’Reilly, the CEO of Eze Group who was sentenced to serve a jail term for operating (in his sales divisions) deceptive practices including coercion and mistreatment of timeshare consumers.

Many will recall Mr Gary Smith when working for Eze Group, also assisted his wife, a Director of Praetorian Legal Ltd and the Leisure Credit Association Ltd (now struck off).

One might consider after being a paid servant and supporter of this scamming company, Mr Smith might have changed his ways, however that is speculative as on the 10th of May 2017, Praetorian Legal and/or Mercantile Claims set up another website called www.misoldconsumers.claims which has now been deleted from the internet.

www.misoldconsumers.claims was set up to target their past paying clients Monster Travel and Eze Group and invited clients to make claims against Monster Travel and Eze Group. As the website was set up moments after each contract was ended - Mercantile Claims was in some fear they would be identified, so again hid their identity behind a privacy shield.

As the website was unlawfully failing to identify its owners, were not regulated by the Ministry of Justice, nor were they solicitors, it was operating unlawfully. Having been commissioned to conduct an investigation we reveal the following: -

www.missoldconsumers.claims  advertised its telephone as being 0800 380 002.

This telephone number is now advertised as being the telephone number of www.misoldclaimsassist.com

Mercantile uses www.misoldclaimsassist.com as a trading name and informed the FCA of that trading name.

Solicitors identified that Harris & Young Associates Ltd own the website and this company was directed by Mr James Craig Harris and Mr Paul Taylor who were both friends of Mr Gary Smith the director of Mercantile Claims.

Many will know that Mercantile Claims have employed an ex-solicitor called Ian Patrick Benbow who was struck off the role and jailed for stealing clients’ money, telling lies and inventing artificial correspondence from a QC on a totally bogus web address.

When the acting solicitor was corresponding with who they believed was the website's, Mr Taylor, the solicitors (on 20th of December 2018) received an email, sent from the site. The email contained an attached ‘excel sheet’ and when the properties were inspected, it revealed the author as being Mr Benbow (Mr Smith’s struck off solicitor) not Mr Taylor.

So, Mr Taylor and Mr Benbow (on instructions from Mr Smith) were attempting to delude the legal profession.

The solicitors also found that the website was created by john@soaronline.co.uk who provides Mr Smith with internet services.

The final part of this deception is - when a website is constructed, it sits upon an IP (Internet Protocol), had a NS 'name server' and an MX – (which specifies where the emails for your domain should be delivered). In this investigation the IP, NS and MX are the same as those which identify Mercantile Claims.