Timeshare Termination Service by Lincoln Green Solicitors


Lincoln Green Solicitors - helping people to make compensation claimsWhen your circumstances alter and you feel you want to dispose of your timeshare, you would be well advised to seek assistance from Lincoln Green who are a well position firm of regulated solicitors operating from  there offices in Milton Keynes.

You may have received unsolicited phone calls or emails offering legal service however, if such cold calls have taken place, you ought to consider the alleged legal advisor is carrying out unethical practises. They may have a hidden agenda including taking money and providing little or no services at all.



What you need to know is unlike the ‘timeshare scammers’ Lincoln Green Solicitors Ltd will not: -

call you first offering the service.

show you a presentation in order to dispose of a timeshare.

sell you another timeshare product.

need you to travel to Spain.

need you to visit our office.

charge you £5,000 and deliver nothing whatsoever.

Lincoln Green Solicitors Ltd advice

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer want your timeshare, and seek to end the liability, you need to receive the best advice available as, each situation differs. Lincoln Green Solicitors Ltd will for a low fixed fee, negotiate the termination of your membership with the resort/club you joined.

In addition, they will also consider and advise you regarding the potential of, pursuing a claim against your resort - for compensation if, on the balance of probabilities, you were mis-sold the timeshare and/or the resort has breached its contract with you.

Lincoln Green are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority therefore have and maintain high ethical standards.

Their team are available 9am-5pm on Tel number 03003 033 819