Timeshare Talk under a DDoS Attack

The website Timeshare Talk is a popular unmoderated forum.

An unmoderated forum, refers to ‘postings’ whereby members' posts are not checked nor verified before the post goes online and become visible.

In moderated forums, the blogs that are intended to be posted are subject to moderation before being placed on a forum and becoming visible.

The site was registered on the 13th of February 2004, therefore commenced operating over 15 years ago and has been tracking timeshare, the good, bad and ugly parts within it. The site attracts about 8-10 million visits per year. The web forum permits members and guests to visit the site to use for research and post content at will.

The website relies upon a ‘bandwidth’ and should that bandwidth be breached, the website can/will be taken offline by the hosting server [in this case; Heart Internet Ltd]. Further, should the website become flooded with spam, the management systems that are working in the background will become overloaded. This will prevent anyone from posting, as they will be constantly frozen and taken offline.

An investigation has been conducted into the present problems the website suffers from by Tess Paralegal Services Ltd and they have exposed the culprits responsible

They are Event Masters Ltd, Soar-on-Line and Praetorian Legal - Mrs Denise Sheasby and Mr Gary Smith have been identified as being mixed up in illegal Dos and DDos attacks against a law firm, a Timeshare Consumer Forum and a Consumer Association.

The redacted report can be seen by clicking  here.