Timeshare Club based Points Systems

Another angle is “floating rights” were morphed into a “pool” of developer inventory and to access the “pooled inventory”, the Developer creates a Club and sell Membership into that Club.

If the Membership is sold, i can then be imparted as an obligation on to the Member to buy (every year) the exact number of “Points” which was represented on the Membership sales invoice. Parenthetically in Europe “Points” are an unregulated “closed loop” private currency.

Consumers having bought a reserved allocation of “Points Right” can only spend those points by acquiring the Club inventory, again, if available, accordingly the system is essentially the a “Floating” system but accessed by a private currency.


What is idiosyncratic to this product is that, the consumer pays membership to the club in £ sterling and that currency is accepted by the Club (as is other sovereign currencies), yet the member is required to again pay sovereign currency for a collection of “Points” which are exchanged for the Holiday Inventory product, which the club is expected to retain. In some circles this could be classed as an over engineered formula for which no reasoning is provided. It could be averred that this is a non-essential layer of cost in administrating the “Points” system.