The Timeshare Association (Now)


We are not TATOC and were never involved in any way in the organisation known to all as TATOC. To avoid any doubt, we are The Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd which changed its name in 2016 to “The Long-Term Holiday Products Association Ltd”. The reason why we changed our name was that we financially assisted TESS in its fight against TATOC and in doing so sold off our websites to Tolmex Ltd to raise the necessary funds.

At the time we believed that consumer interests were being damaged, and that damage was primarily being caused by the influence of TATOC. Therefore, our overriding focus was to stop this perceive maleficence, which we achieved through TESS delivering a crushing victory against TATOC.

In the facets of timeshare, the organisations within it and enterprises which orbit the concept, many can and will suffer slings and arrows on a very rocky road. When becoming an industry player or an orbiting consumer association / legal provider each will at some time receive a “Baptism of Fire” and each will receive the dissent of their opponent, their competitor, their regulator, co-operator and or business neighbour.

It’s a very contentious battleground.