The Timeshare Association Goals


To set industry goals is politically expedient, however, slightly nonsensical in the shifting sands of the timeshare world.

Before we begin one must understand that timeshare has been proven to be a good, enjoyable and worthwhile product. Its concepts have delivered many memorable holidays throughout the world and many owners have no intention of giving up their timeshare ever. Neither do we have any intention to encourage them to do so.

Mr Sandy Grey coined the phrase; 'the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY' and it’s true. The industry has good and the great, the bad and sometimes the down-right nasty. That said, with shifting sands the companies can move from one band to another, however, in general, they are generally static.

The companies identified as the Ugly ones can just as easily be found in the Resort Development Organisation [RDO] as elsewhere.

The fact is that there's a misbalance that exists due to the consumers expressing dissatisfaction of timeshares in a multiplicity of forums, whether those forums be internet forums, in the press or via the courts etc. The truth is, significant numbers are claiming to have been scammed repeatedly and claim that little effective protection exists.

During the history of timeshare and timeshare related products, the same issues have been raised in every country in the world, but not against every resort, nor every holiday club.

Timeshare is a product many believe in and have invested in. To ensure that the provision of future discounted holiday is delivered, there are many hard working honourable and independent clubs operating for the benefits of their members, yet the voices of these timeshare resorts and clubs are drowned out by the dissenters.

Some resorts have grouped together to form associations and claim to be the voice of the timeshare industry. Despite being legitimate and reasonable, they are the most complained of. In that backdrop the unknown resort, the quiet contented resorts and happy timeshare owners unfairly suffer the sling and arrows of the created blight.

So, the goal of The Timeshare Association is simple!

“Independent assistance”