Termination and / or Relinquishment Services


If a client requires a timeshare contract termination we will transfer you to a reputable, honest and trusted supplier, so that your case is handled properly. We will ensure that the work is performed expeditiously in accordance with the regulatory or linking bodies and ensure you have a ‘go to’ person who can intervene in the event of concerns.

When a termination service has begun, your expert lawyer will be bound to review your documents and advise on the law and the prospects of a compensation claim. A disease exists in some worlds of “no win no fee” compensation claims and become embedded in the advice delivered by some timeshare advice service providers. That disease is ‘over egging the pudding’ or suggestively implying that a large reward awaits if you hire them when such is untrue. These rogues can and will get you into a lot of trouble.

Before anyone boards the litigation bus, all must consider the consequences of the actions they are taking and weigh up the pros and cons. It sometimes is not simply a case of will you win damages - you have a great need to weigh up the benefit of a compensations award that you might win, against the loss of the quiet enjoyment of your life whilst you are protracting the litigations and the risk of losing, attracting an adverse cost order. We will assist you with that risk evaluation.

Many charlatans and scammers embroider compensation claims and the practice is not acceptable behaviour at all. Embellishing what you might win without the corresponding advice of what you might lose, is simply wrong. When considering any legal action involving pursuing another, everyone must consider the consequence of the actions they intend taking. Only when fully considered should you act. There are many souls in a financial graveyard who went on the lonely road of litigation only to find out the lawyer made a fortune and they lost everything.

Your lawyer in most cases will be paid win or lose

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