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The Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa [VOASA]

The Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa, VOASA was previously known as the Timeshare Institute of Southern Africa (TISA), which is a self-regulatory member-based trade association for timeshare and shared holiday ownership industry in Southern Africa. The association was established in 1990 and the founder members welded together a variety of core industry objectives which have been published as to “create, maintain and develop an environment within which long-term viability and growth of timeshare and vacation ownership, can be optimally ensured”.

The VOASA’s members comprise of developers, timeshare vending companies, marketing organisations, management companies, resort owner associations, resale organisations and other professional industry providers.

Through its ability to self-regulate and control the industry, VOASA claims to have gained the confidence of the Department of Trade and Industry and in its ability to instil confidence within all stakeholders and to uphold what is deemed to be a positive perception by the consumer at large.

A key contributor to VOASA’s existence is the protection of consumer rights and the commitment to the ongoing growth of the industry in a positive and organised manner.

Its Code of Conduct was introduced after negotiations with the Department of Trade and Industry’s Business Practices Committee and outlines its intention to govern business practices by protecting the interests of both consumers and the industry, promoting an equitable, negotiated balance between the two.

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