The role of a solicitor is to provide advice and assistance on legal matters.  They are instructed directly by clients and are typically the first point of contact if you have a problem. Their clients can range from individuals, businesses, companies and government organisations.

The work a solicitor does is quite varied and will depend on the law practiced by the firm they are employed by. In matters involving timeshare, the law is the same however, buried in a matrix of pre-authored contract, domiciled in a variety of different jurisdictions and as each contract is multi layered and acquired in different jurisdictions by consumer (often with little funds to explore all the legal ramifications) the solicitors have generally avoided this area of law. Therefore, bespoke paralegal companies have sprung up.

Most solicitors can be referred to as general practitioners providing general services either over the telephone, by e-mail, via a face-to-face meeting and representing them in court.

The Law Society represents all solicitors in England and Wales and promote solicitors across England and Wales. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) deals with all regulatory, disciplinary matters, and monitors, enforces and upholds good standards.