The Rise of Exchange Systems


After to 30 decades of resentful comments, many dissents and constant bad press, when people were confronted by timeshare touts of holiday club salespeople, many ran a mile.

It became more and more difficult to get people to visit salesrooms, so resorts engineered other avenues to lure people in. They advertised the product as prizes in competitions, investment schemes and gathered data from surveys conducted at travel terminals, ferry crossings, and departure and arrival lounges in airports. They teased many with cheap getaways on condition they attended what was described as hotel meetings which explained the facilities and many more avenues, all to serve the purpose of getting holiday consumers into their salesrooms.

One of the best ways to get access to those who buy into the timeshare product is to get access to other consumers in other resorts (poaching).

To become a poacher the resort must be acceptable to the likes of RCI, Interval International or Dial an Exchange DaE. When approved, the poaching resort can then be appointed by the exchange companies as its sales agent and to sell its exchange product to the poacher clients.

Accordingly, the poacher sends all its clients who are unwilling to buy floating and points-based timeshare which makes way for other timeshare consumers to visit the poacher. When the fresh consumers do arrive, they will be made very welcome by the poacher, showered with goodies and invited to their salerooms and introduced to products they have never heard of as their home resort elected never to offer “floating and points-based timeshare”. In the terms of one timeshare sales team - “new victims”.