Read Consultancy and Sarah Waddington Solicitors

It has been brought to our attention that there are two timeshare disposal companies that have strange ties. 

The first is Sarah Waddington Solicitors, who claims to have ‘20 years in many aspects of law and litigation’.  The company was incorporated in 2014, however, this does not mean that Sarah Waddington herself does not have the background and experience that the website promises.

This is where it starts to get interesting ... the other company, Read Consultancy, was referred to in an article written by Mind Timeshare. Since the article was written, the company has been dissolved, along with other connected companies, Timeshare Lawyers 4 U Ltd, Timeshare Solicitors 4 U Ltd all directed by Lance Read.  Lance Read is said to be a former employee of Diamond Resorts under the alias of Lance Oakley.

There are also connections to the company Harris & Partners Ltd, who have been said to have the same employees offering similar exit services from timeshare. There are no proven results which points to them actually helping owners out of their timeshares.  All of these companies take upfront money and little in the way of services are performed.

Lance Oakley, apart from working selling timeshare at Diamond Resorts, also worked for another timeshare sales company Eze Group, in an office in Leamington Spa.  His wife is now working for ‘Sarah Waddington Solicitors Ltd’ in a similar role to that which her husband had in Read Consultancy.  She claims she is working as a solicitor helping people ‘exit’ their timeshares.  Although she too used to work for Diamond Pine Lakes, and is now processing high volumes of exits from this resort.

It is a bit odd that they have both turned their ‘game’ around from selling timeshares to getting the same clients out of the products they once sold to them and all for a pretty penny.

We would suggest that you take caution when dealing with any of the aforementioned companies.  Some are already dissolved; others are still going.  In the case of Sarah Waddington, the compliance manager, Kelly Owen, will be your first point of contact, she is referred to on the business website as their ‘timeshare guru’ with a deep knowledge of the industry.  She certainly does, she was a previous compliance officer at Silverpoint and Azure timeshare sales.

We would love to hear from any timeshare or ex timeshare owners that have had dealings with any of these companies, especially Sarah Waddington, to find out if this is just another scam to get timeshare owners to part with their money, or if indeed they are achieving successful exits for their clients.

The Timeshare Consumer Association report on the 26th of February 2018.