Police Dismantle International Organisation

They operated in the south of Tenerife. Their victims were homeowners dedicated to "time-sharing" 

Agents of the National Police have proceeded in the arrest of three people of 25, 30 and 55 years of age, nationals of Italy and the United Kingdom, as alleged perpetrators of three crimes of fraud and belonging to a criminal organisation, as well as the imputation to six more for the same facts. The victims chose them among the owners of shared housing (timesharing). In total until the police intervention the amount obtained criminally amounts to more than 130,000 euros.

Investigations by the National Police began in February of 2018, when the first complaint was received, later two more complaints were received, all from citizens of the United Kingdom.

The diligences practiced were able to demonstrate the modus operandi of the organisation, as well as the identification of all its members. The remaining six could not be detained because they reside outside Spanish territory or their whereabouts are not known.

Modus operandi of the organisation

They obtained lists of owners of shared houses that had been scammed when making the purchase; or for some, problems had arisen with the company that had sold them the property. Once they obtained the listing, from black market or disloyal workers, they began an operation of tele-marketing, in order to capture the most propitious victim.

Once they contacted the victim, they presented themselves as a lawyer specialised in scam cases, informing the victim that they had won a trial about the company that had cheated them, or that for some reason had left them without the timeshare.

They were offered the possibility, by hiring this firm, to obtain all the money invested in the purchase of the vacation package on a timeshare basis. Once they agreed to be represented, they sent the victims various false documents, while they claimed different amounts of money to continue the negotiations.

All this with the purpose that everything that was invested would be returned to them. Through this remission of false documents; of courts, tax agency, consultancies, etc. they gave the scam the legal appearance, necessary for them to continue entering different amounts of money in bank accounts that facilitated them, until they realised the possible scam. In this way they obtained more than 130,000 euros.

Criminal organisation

The organisation was distributed in three hierarchical levels. In the first would be the head of the organisation, who made the decisions and steps to follow. In the second level would be the workers who performed the practical functions of the organisation; location and contact with the victims, processing of documents, recruitment of personnel that would act in the third level; holders of bank accounts for the payment of the payments made by the victims.

The third level would be the ones in charge of opening the bank accounts for the organisation and transferring the funds to the account of the leader of the organisation. Once the police report was processed, together with the detainees, it was placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority. The investigation has been developed by agents of the National Police of the Local Brigade of the Judicial Police of the South of Tenerife, Adeje.