Mr Paul Fox - Select Cheshire Ltd and Client Contract Services Limited

Mr Paul Fox is a much complained of director, whose present operation is conducted in the confines of  ‘Select Cheshire Ltd’  [Select Cheshire] who are in bed with the cold calling and roguish company called ‘Client Contract Services Limited’ [Contract Services].

Being an ex-timeshare salesmen, Mr Fox boasts of his former timeshare selling skills and now targets those he and his ‘chums’ once sold tricks too. Tricks being timeshare.

Having left the timeshare ‘boiler rooms’, Mr Fox and his motley team now target consumers with cold calls via unlawful data and then arrange presentations in ‘legal boiler rooms’ this time – staged in the consumer's own home.

With a foot in the door, the stage is set, so the scamming begins. The product being sold involves selling fake legal services under the veil of the new-age cold calling timeshare lawyer.

The illegal cheap data is obtained, cold calling stations set up and then the calling of consumers on mass to secure home visits are arranged in the confines of homes and it is there were the fleecing begins.

When either Select Cheshire or Contract Services attend your home, the consumers are subject to hours of unskilled, illogical 'legal advice' and high fluted claims of financial grandeur, all delivered in order to snatch as much money in fees as they can and then they simply do nothing.

They claim to work with solicitors, which is an utter nonsense, as solicitors cannot accept clients who have been cold called. Neither can they accept instructions from companies like Select Cheshire Ltd and Contract Services Limited as their services are neither regulated by the Ministry of Justice nor the Financial Conduct Authority.

The website claims ‘we have lawyers encompassing the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia’, which is a falsehood - Mr Fox and his salesmen Andrew Martial are out of control.  Despite the many claims of monumental success in 2018, the company lost £4,000, taking reserves down to a miserly £12,600 and the 2019 accounts to date have not been filed.

Select Cheshire Ltd was created on the 28th of June 2018 and to date has no accounts and is worth, simply, £1.00.

So, an intricate part of their daily and weekly routine is buying unlawful cold calling lists, making cold colds or unsolicited approaches to consumers and then setting up home visits

When attending the consumer's home, the selling of undeliverable 'legal service' commences. They charge many thousands of pounds and when pocketed will expose clients to financial perils.

Having no legal experience in countries such as the USA, the Middle East, the UK, Europe or Asia, once you have paid, they claim ‘additional outsourcing’ may lift the fixed price they gave and you agreed, on account of them needing proper legal assistance.

Claiming that they investigate the claims, one must appreciate they are unqualified to investigate. The chain of custody is broken on each occasion and the alleged cataloguing of evidence and information to build your case is derisory. They claim to build a case themselves, which will save months of administration for solicitors or real lawyers. However as every solicitor cannot verify that all the disclosable documents have been included, the services are at best worthless and the consumers are at risk of more peril.

Claiming to have ‘strong ethics’, that they are in ‘good standing’, passed due diligence tests of established by ‘legal entities’ within Europe is either a negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation.