The Mis-Sold Consumer Reclaim Limited Rip-Off Debacle

Mr James Oliver Reynolds, of 72 Heath Gardens Solihull England B91 2RJ is the sole director of the now defunct Mis-Sold Consumer Reclaim Limited whose registered office is located at 12 Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, England, CV32 4LY. The company has on the 8th of Jan 2019 been the subject of a final gazette compulsory strike-off on account of section 1000(3) of the Companies Act 2006.

The website it operated from was and still is domiciled in Panama and its director, Reynolds, was a stooge director put into that position by the real owners Praetorian Legal. The website was developed by ‘Soar online’ and designed by ‘John’ and should belong to the Crown however it has been transferred to Mercantile Claims.

It was always believed the people behind the website was Mr Gary and Keren Hesker Smith both being directors of Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims and it now appears not to be the case,  which was good investigation conducted by TESS Law.

After it was made insolvent the domain name was taken over by Mercantile Claims. Like before, they are peddling terminations, backed by a non-existent legal indemnity policy. Should you be a client and challenge this position you will be passed to a struck-off solicitor jailed for crimes against consumers and he will raise dissent against you.

When Mr James Oliver Reynolds was the subject of civil action the wanna-be lawyer tucked-tails as it was exposed that he was associated with the Smiths and was suspected as being a fitness instructor.

When this revelation came to light and was made known in negotiations, the Smiths then switched the owners of the website and inserted a new owner, again based at 12 Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, England, CV32 4LY and named Harris Young Associates Ltd headed by Craig Harris. Mr Harris resigned on the 2nd of July 2018 and Mr Paul Taylor was appointed the same date. No accounts have been filed, however Mercantile Claims are now admitting responsibility/ownership for the website.

Topping the teams who claim to be responsible for your claims management are: -

  • Mr Gary Smith (a cost manager) of Praetorian Legal and failed consumer compliance office at Eze Group controlled by the O’Reilly crime family.
  • Mrs Karen Hesker Smith an associate of the O’Reilly crime family and director of the failed Eze Group Leisure Credit Association.
  • The legal sales department is headed by an ex car-parts salesman ‘Harry Darby’.
  • The lawyer in the background is ‘Ian Patrick Benbow’, a jailed and struck off solicitor, incarcerated for consumer crimes
  • And what is now evident is a collection of stooge directors Mr James Oliver Reynolds (a fitness instructor) who was replaced when exposed with Mr Paul Taylor, a cleaner and both are aiding and abetting the Smiths.

You simply cannot make this up!

But the worst of the worst is Mercantile Claims, when taking your money, tell you not to pay your maintenance fees and then present a bogus insurance indemnity certificate suggesting their services are insured and any costs you incur are covered. This insurance indemnity is known to be fake. The rivers have bust their banks the water is heading for your house and you have NO COVER.