Ministry of Justice Claims Managers


If you become aware that a company you are dealing with is a Ministry of Justice licensed claims manager, you might believe that this must be good and that are they must be honorable, trustworthy and qualified as they have been awarded a credibility badge.

This could not be further from the truth.

The fact is you are required to be a licensed claims manager should your company be involved in challenging financial instruments Insurance contracts, mortgages, loans etc.

The 'Claims Manger' title was developed after the numerous complaints were delivered by consumers against those who manage claims. Clearly there is a big difference between litigating a client’s claim and managing the paperwork. By hiring or being roped in by claims managers you can bet your bottom dollar that it will cost you more. A large cut may be taken and claims managers are not qualified lawyers conversant with the issues which need to be advanced.

So be traditional and pay a lawyer, not a lacky, skimming off the top.

In any event you can read a tremendous amount of blight leveled at claims managers by nearly all consumer associations.