Mercantile Claims, the Timeshare fraud offering

A Ground-breaking Scam Breaking- Mercantile Claims, the Timeshare fraud offering

The was a publication posted on the 26 APR regarding the Insured Service of Mercantile

“We work with ‘All-Round Travel Services Limited’ (“ARTS”)”.

"The customer is then covered, as a client of ARTS, by ARTS’ insurance policy.  The policy is insured with Munich Re, a German insurer with a revenue in excess of £40 billion”


"The policy provides cover for up to £10,000 of maintenance/management fees and/or legal costs, in the unlikely event that the timeshare resort issues proceedings;

The policy is held by ARTS, for the sole purpose of the insurance policy, to prevent any risk of any referrer ceasing to exist;

The policy will provide cover until limitation has expired.

This is unique within timeshare".

The Uniqueness is - its all a fraud - and thousands are exposed. Munich Re, a German insurer with a revenue in excess of £40 billion have confirmed its clients are not covered, and Mr Smith has been exposed.

The scam is provided to the Timeshare populous by Mercantile Claims and created by its Chief Executive Mr. Gary Smith - the past consumer compliance officer of Eze group who were convicted for consumer crimes. Moreover, the legal department of Mercantile is run by Ian Patrick Benbow an ex solicitor was jailed for steal from clients and creating fake email accounts from a barrister’s chambers for the purpose of hiding his crime.

Aided by Smiths wife and Managing Director Mrs Karen Hesker Smith, who like her husband assisted Eze Group and by heading the Leisure Credit Association (now struct off) and Dominic O’Reilly to co-Director of Praetorian Legal with-out doubt the crimes continue.  

Mercantile claims states: “Our insurance product is fully underwritten and provides our clients with a guaranteed underwritten peace of mind solution to their timeshare ownership. From the moment you sign up with Mercantile Claims you are comprehensively covered and your timeshare termination 100% guaranteed”.

This is 100% false. Until the 12th of August 2017 the company only filled dormant account (non-trading) and only had 100 £1 shares, by 31st of March 2018 it only had £5,554 yet on the 26 of April (less than a month later this announcement was made) the employees working at mercantile was declared by the Smiths as Nil. Which equates to ‘nothing for nothing’.