The Long-Term Holiday Products Association Ltd


We never were and never will be TATOC (The Association of Timeshare Owners Committees Limited), its history - good or bad - does not belong to us.

Our organisation came into existence on the 14th of May 2014, our company registration number is 09041038 and our registered office, the place where most of the work is conducted, is located at Coniston House, 3 Beach Rd, St Ann’s-on-Sea, Lancashire, England, UK, FY8-2NR.

When first incorporated, our company was christened the Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd [TCA] after the old TCA mantle was passed to us by the beneficiary of the late Mr Alexander (Sandy) Grey.

The new TCA was created in November 2013 by Mr David Cox - a Certified Mediator - and Mr Stephen Boyd - a solicitor working for Linder Myers - and it became incorporated on the 14th of May the following year.  In June Mr Boyd received an invitation and became an equity partner at Hermes Law, which changed its name to Athena Law, and Mr Cox Continued with the TCA. During the period June 2014 and January 2015 Mr Boyd aided when necessary and if needed.

In January 2015 the TCA assisted in the creation of TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support Services) Ltd. TESS was created to service the needs of a timeshare reseller, who claimed it was having difficulty in re-selling timeshares because of “reselling industry restrictions” imposed by The Resort Development Organisation or TATOC.

The TCA explained it could not fulfil the need, but suggested it could create (with others) a company which could. Thus, TESS was created and became involved in the termination of over 800 worldwide timeshare contracts. The work commenced at the beginning of February 2015.

The TCA moved regions from Blackpool (an autonomous council) to that of the Lancashire County Council.

Being recommended by Blackpool Borough Council (after the move) the TCA approached Lancashire County Council [LCC] and their “Trading Standards Department” informed them of the TCA service explaining how they could assist with the work of TESS.

LCC were happy to assist on some of the contractual aspects, gave information regarding the matrix and the delivery of work to TESS. With promises of updates - should it become necessary - and a new manager, the association between TESS and the TCA was compliant with the new 2015 consumer protection regulations.

In 2015 TESS was in an open conflict with “The Association of Timeshare Owners Committees Ltd” [TATOC] and its management team as they had falsely published in October 2015 that TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support Services) Ltd were “cold calling” potential clients. These allegations were falsehoods accordingly defamation proceedings were delivered by TESS to TATOC who refused to recant from the allegations or remove them from public view.

Left with no choice TESS with the assistance of the TCA agreed that the only measured response would be to take costly legal action.

To fund legal proceeding the TCA sold off its peripheral internet asserts the and to Tolmex Ltd. With the funds raised and existing capital, TESS was in a position of being able to fund and protract “Defamation” proceedings against TATOC and did just that. Inactive, the TCA changed its name to The Long-term Holiday Products Association Ltd” [LTHP].

On the 15th of May 2017, those defamation proceedings concluded and the court ruled that TATOC (led by its directors) had grossly defamed TESS and awarded TESS damages in the amount of £270,000.00 (to be paid forthwith).

Between February 2016 and April 2018, the movement had no internet presence, however, was still in existence. After the insolvency of TATOC, LTHP made moves to acquire the old TATOC domain name from the appointed Receiver and that transaction concluded in March 2018.

We are and have always been a community company “not for profit” and the company is under guarantee, that guarantee provided by Mrs Glynn.

The “Timeshare Association” is now assisted by many others and hopes to serve timeshare consumers.