Litigation Funding


Should you consider that your adventure is risky or a burden you cannot carry, you can and should consider funding your quest. Many times, you can submit a funding proposal and if damages are expected, another may financially assist you in that quest. If the service is simply one which delivers a non-financial solution, then you can be loaned the money and pay for the service over a period of time to ensure that you deliver to yourselves the quiet enjoyment of life you seek.

We also offer grants which can be applied for and a fee is only payable if the grant is paid. The grants available are the entire sum requested or a part funded option which is dependent on your own circumstances.

If you elect to have a litigation funded you have a need to know that you may be required to give up a proportion of any damages you win however, you’ll not be exposed to the costs consequences should you lose. Is it a safe route?  If you lose yes, however it is an expensive road should you win.

If you are heading down the ligation road seeking compensation, you must consider that maybe you made a rash decision in the past, don’t do that again.  Get good, solid independent and thoughtful advice before you act, consider every angle, think about matters discuss them with loved ones and before you act, before you pay again.

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