Legal Consideration

The fact is, there is a difference between Advice before you buy a Timeshare Product and after you have bought.

When seeking advice on either matter you might consider contacting us so that you can give the matter just consideration.

We can give you basic advice in both arears, however you may need expert advice, it become complex. The issue is that when a consumer seeks and obtains advice you will potentially act upon it therefore, it’s very important that the advice is right, sound and having regard for your circumstances.

You might not like the advice, however all we seek to do is ensure the advice is well thought out, good, reasonable and independent.

Should a Timeshare Consumer have a need to consult with a Timeshare Lawyer, they must ensure the Lawyers is experienced respectable and by their peers, again we can help you with this.

When consulting internet websites, consumers will understand that there are many ‘scammers’ who have created many websites to bait consumer to use their services.

The websites act like traps so before engaging with the website owners you must do your research and seek clarification as to their respectability, credibility and experience in legal matters - we can help you with that.

When viewing a website claiming to deliver legal services you will read about alleged past glories achievements and accolades and witness the use of legal language. Quite simply; many steal the words and references and make amendments to ensure that you are deluded. Some websites attempt to harmonise with your own understanding of timeshare you acquired, so that an alignment has been formed and you are happy to pay for their services. Many will appear friendly, favorable with your cause and display empathy, yet far too many seek to take then deliver very little. Don’t be fooled.

The only way you can know whether you are speaking to a real lawyer who is delivering independent advice is to prepare yourself for the discussion, put questions and listen to the answers. If you are told your case will be referred to some else them you not talking to a lawyer. If you are told you will win your case, again you're not taking to a lawyer and if you are not told about the potential dangers of litigations, then you are defiantly not receiving advice but are listening to a sales pitch.

If you want to be represent by a real lawyer, you must obtain independent advice and converse with those who are independent, not websites which do not publish their details.

When seeking advice ‘You might be facing an ex salesperson’ who is familiar with the product they once sold to you however, if they are an ex salesmen they are more likely ignorant of the law.

If you are ‘cold called you are more likely to be scammed’ as the simple rule is, ‘real lawyers’ do not under any circumstances ‘cold call’, anyone.
If you are offered another product when simply pursuing legal advice regarding a Timeshare disposal or compensation claim, you are more likely than not dealing with a scammer. ‘Real lawyers offer legal services not the sale of other products’.

If you find that the business owners has been convicted of past of frauds, was involved in cheating mis-dealing and/or contraventions of Consumer Protection Regulations, you are more likely than not, exposing yourself to being scammed.

If a claimed Lawyer overtly boasts that you can pay be way of Credit Card, that you are protected as they have an ‘indemnity policy’, you should ask yourself, “why do I need scam protection from my Lawyers”? Real lawyers no not sell you protection from themselves. Most Lawyers don’t take Credit Cards because they are ‘not a shop’ ‘BUT SALESMEN DO’. If you feel you need the protection from the lawyer you are about to instruct, you should not be hiring them.

If you have a compensation claim in the United Kingdom you will at some point need to issue proceeding in the Civil Courts, therefore you need a Solicitor.

If a Paralegal is assisting, working with or partnering a firm of Solicitors that acceptable however, all marketing companies should be avoided.

Paralegal working with Solicitors can be a cost effective rout however, you have a need to have confirmed the Solicitor is running the case at all times.

The majority of internet websites offering Timeshare legal services cannot perform them. Many are unregulated, unlicensed, unqualified and uneducated (in legal services). There are marketeer’s or ex-timeshare salesmen (posing as lawyers) or who have infiltrated firms of Solicitors. Then you have the criminals who have acquired badges of law which are simply tags aimed at trying to convince you they are credible you not.

Trying to obtain a good Timeshare Lawyers is not as straight forward as you think.

All Solicitors and Lawyers are not good at everything therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you instruct a well-versed Lawyer who is respected in timeshare related matters.

You will be assisted by the Lawyers registered with ourselves. They all have proven track records and are respected by industry professionals.

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