Is It a Rip-Off

Is it a rip-off, Mrs. Karen Hesker-Smith the managing Director of Timeshare “Mercantile Claims” says it is?

Some may recall the early days, when Pretorian Legal, stumbled onto the timeshare landscape and went dormant or placed themselves in a well of inactivity. That said when dormant, Pretorian Legal loved to deliver advice.

In the early days it was Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith manning the rudder and the wheel as her legal company sailed into choppy waters. Beavering away in her garden shed pretending to write timeshare termination letters’ which resorts generally ignored, she must of dreamed of grandeur – however she was utterly ignorant of the law she claimed she knew.

With the aid of a trucking company website Mrs. Karen-Hesker Smith loved to splurge insults and on one occasion she directed her insults at an established company called “Timeshare Elimination” not because they had done something wrong, but because they simply existed and competed in the same market.

Mrs. Karen Hesker-Smith (the only person at Praetorian legal) stated in her blog that, Timeshare Elimination had ripped off a client by charging £1,580 plus vat for a termination of a U.S timeshare.

Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith (no formal education) blaster to the general public “Beware of Timeshare Elimination”, I have copied the article and can be seen below

“This afternoon (31 March 2015) we received a timeshare termination enquiry from a Mr C, who has an American timeshare. He enquired as to the termination of his timeshare and advised us that he had a letter from his resort advising him that if he wanted to terminate his timeshare he would simply have to sign the letter and return his deeds with a Notarised signature witnessed by a UK based Notary Public. He would be released from his timeshare with no ongoing liabilities whatsoever.

We advised Mr C that his timeshare was as good as terminated and that we could help by referring him to one of our Notary Publics who would simply witness his signature. The cost of this exercise would be no more than £100.00 or less.

Mr C then advised that he had just spoken to a Mr Steve Keen at Timeshare Elimination based in Wales after seeing his website on the internet. Mr C advised us that he had given Mr Keen the exact same details and he was advised that it would cost him £ 1,900.00 and that Mr Keen said he would refer matters to his American attorneys to deal with and search the American deed register.

We are of the opinion that Mr Keen’s advice is incorrect and the £ 1,900.00 quoted is nothing but a systematic attempt to rip off this gentleman for £ 1,900.00 that he just does not need to spend.

Our advice is steer well clear of TIMESHARE ELIMINATION and MR STEVE KEEN. His website and associated sites are littered with mis leading and confusing advice about timeshare. It has also been said that this person Mr Keen and the website he operates Timeshare Elimination is a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s clothing’”.

So, from the contaminated mind of Mrs Hesker-Smith, (the wife of a freak lawyer who was certifying compliant illegal Eze groups contract). The cost was “no more than £100.00” as anything over £100.00 was a rip off.

The fact is, Mrs. Hesker-Smiths now charge £3,200 for the very same service. So, if Mr keen is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing by the same analogy “Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith is the devil incarnate.