Highly Regarded Companies


The companies contained on this list have proven to be highly regarded by the Government, authorities, industry professionals, and professional bodies. They are known to have maintained their service and appear not to have faltered in delivery of good and professional services.

Those timeshares we have considered as highly regarded are from investigations we have conducted, including taking advice from others. It has been explained that those on the list have excelled in considering and delivering benefit to the consumer and are highly regarded and respected by others.

In stating this, one must appreciate there are many competing interests, different personalities, missions and opposing views, however, (in general) each are respectful of others, the views of others and their right to express those views.

It has been explained that those on the lists have previously conducted themselves in such a way that they are more likely to complete their undertakings and assignments professionally. We are confident all we have named as highly regarded seek cordiality, co-operation and for the betterment of relations, including but not limited to the eradication of bad practices.

This list will not be exhaustive, and we don’t seek to prefer one over another. Should you believe that another company ought to be included on the list please feel free to contact us.

Everyone will understand it has been and will always remain difficult for someone to recommend another.  In all matters of timeshare and timeshare related services, one cannot be fully certain of who to recommend, as there is so much self-motivated badness out there.

As with all recommendations, preference and referrals, it’s always difficult to ‘Kite Mark’ a company or the service they perform without significant experience of that recommended company, therefore, the list provided below is not based on our recommendations but are the recommendations of others who hold them in very high regard.

Everyone will have an opinion and the list will be under review, subject to change when more information comes to light about them, or others, who should be highlighted.

No doubt that by trying to signpost consumers it may result in some upset, however the lists provided are not capped or final and will be subject to change when we consider that it is just to do so.