Happy Timeshare Owner

I am a very happy timeshare owner and cannot see the fuss since we never had children in school and always went away on bank holidays for a cheeky break.

In my case, I met a timeshare salesman and he explained that you probably shouldn’t have a problem staying in a timeshare resort or exchanging it for other prestigious locations which we do every time. We have never seen the timeshare unit we own as we like to flit about. In this case, we had also never been on ‘Hilton Head’ and never had plans to go to our timeshare as the exchange systems works well for us.

The timeshare we do own was in the Marriott system and we have been trading our week for a week in Orlando every year since buying it. The Hilton Head resort is no longer run by Marriott, but the exchange process still works very well for us.

Also, being timeshare owners, we get special deals for additional stays, which have expanded our one week to three, the maximum stay at the resort.

It’s true, there is a yearly maintenance fee which comes to about $800 a year, varying on improvements and hurricanes. But if you take the $800, plus the $160 exchange fee and divide by seven nights, it comes to $137/night vs. $224 rack rate. Add two weeks at $350/week and divide by 21 nights and the cost comes down to $79/night.

Not bad for a four-star resort.

Mrs Terry once saved a co-worker and his family so much money on a Disney trip that they were able to do Universal Studios as well. In fact, the teenage daughter’s room was like an apartment in itself. Word got around and now Mrs Terry is known as “Minnis Travel”!

Marriott and its timeshare exchange company, Interval International, also sometimes offer short stays. Under this offer, you can get two “stays” instead of one, if your stays are less than seven nights. So, we can parlay one week into two six-day weeks.

We also can use our timeshare ownership and Interval membership to book weeks for others at Marriott resorts and other properties throughout the exchange system.