Going to Court


The simple advice is: avoid pursuing another in court at all costs, it's expensive, worrisome, risky and financially dangerous. You are entering an arena whereby a professional argument is taking place and you will not know the rules.

If you have no choice but to take another to court, before doing so, seek and obtain good sound advice from a lawyer, find yourself a helper and someone with your interests at heart.

Listen, consider and act wisely at all times and most of all know when to hold or fold your case.

If you are the claimant it’s for you to prove your case.  If you can’t, you will lose.

Don't become fraught, upset, disturbed or frustrated. You are in a system which has been developed over many years and good, correct and fair judgments are generally delivered no matter how harsh they may seem to you at the time.

When in court be respectful, curious, helpful and most of all don’t lie or exaggerate.