EK Claims Ltd. Fake Timeshare Lawyers

Assited by TESS Law

26th November 2019



EK Claims Ltd are fake timeshare lawyers and a band of unregulated claims managers.

The company operates from 66 Croston, Garstang, Preston PR3 1HR and is known by its company registration number 10591152. EK Claims is owned by Mr Ian Kirby and its website is recorded as being www.ekclaims.com

EK Claims Ltd insist they are a bespoke advice company which specialise in assisting with the legal and efficient release from timeshare agreements, however they are a banditry of timeshare salespeople, hell bent on charging fortunes to perform work they are incapable of doing.

The website said, the directors of EK Claims have a combined experience in the field of Holiday Club Membership spanning more than 30 years. In reality, they have been selling timeshare for 30 years and have ‘0’ years’ experience in matters of law.

The company was created in January 2017 and like most scam companies, it was created by way of a £2.00 capital injection. Mr Kirby is the person with significant control and he once worked for RBS Legal, another defuncted company that equally mis-sold legal services in Lancashire.

RBS Legal is now insolvent and its creditors have lost £987,451 according to Andrew Bland - the company liquidator.

In one case EK Claims took £4,995 from a Preston man and then failed to carry out the work promised. In fear that this complainant had lost all his money, he visited the timeshare resorts and to enquire of them if they have been contacted by EK Claims. They explained no one had been in contact, however they had a policy to let everyone out ‘free of charge’ and did so without any hassle.

When arriving home from their holiday in Spain, the consumer decided to confront this scammer, so they went to his office, however it was abandoned, so he then called to see Mr Kirby at his home. When visiting the home of the scammer, he became angry explaining his company had collapsed and that collapse had nothing to do with him and would not provide any assistance. The consumer then reported Mr Kirby to the Trading Standards and the police who are now investigating what they consider might be a large fraud.

In an effort to close the company, Mr Kirby on the 11th of September issued a voluntary strike-off notice. However his efforts were scuppered in preference to a criminal investigation.

In this case, the consumer paid by credit card and was fully repaid for the scam he was subjected to. However in an effort to protect others, the Trading Standards arrived at Mr Kirby’s home and he refused to answer the door, whereupon the Trading Standards left and reported the matter to the police who are now expected to undertake a criminal investigation.