Dial An Exchange [DAE]


Dial An Exchange [DAE] acquired by RCI.

DAE is a member’s club for owners of any kind of holiday property to facilitate flexible exchange holidays with other club members. Its objective is to offer world-wide opportunities for its members to take interesting exchange holidays in quality accommodation.

DAE operate a bank of weeks in holiday properties. Members deposit weeks into the bank that they do not wish to use themselves. In return, they get a credit valid for three years from the date of deposit, which can be used to withdraw any week out of our system, on payment of the exchange fee. These withdrawn weeks can be used for their own holidays or given to family and friends.

DAE work for the individual holiday property owner.

DAE started in Australia in 1997. The operation was extended to Europe in 1999, and subsequently to USA, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Thailand, China, Portugal, Italy and Egypt.

  • Free membership. A low-cost exchange fees. 3 full years in which to use your exchange credit.

  • World wide exchange destinations including the UK. Pay only when your exchange is confirmed.

  • A transparent system. Exchange availability is published live online (members only).

  • Cancellation protection option restores your credit if you cancel.

  • Late booking bonus weeks at very low prices.

  • Friendly personal service to help you get the exchange holiday you need.

  • We do not try to sell you anything. We provide a simple holiday property exchange service.

21 High Street
BD23 3RA
United Kingdom

DAE is a trading name of RCI Europe
Company number: 0114 8410
Registered address: Haylock House, Kettering Parkway, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6EY.