David Cox Timeshare

Many will understand that Timeshare and its many products are  fraught with taxing issues and the Internet and its news feeds don’t help because its littered with fake reports and scams. When a Consumer acquired their Timeshares many will have experienced that they came ‘face to face’ with the -dreaded- Timeshare salesmen, who on many occasion misrepresented the benefits that would flow if you bought the product they sold.

In 2014 David Cox mounted a prolific assault on Timeshare Resorts on behalf of Timeshare Consumers and in association with the company he engineered. He exposed the Timeshare sales personalities and the resorts who paid them. He forged partnerships with Good Resorts, knowledgeable Lawyers and signposted many to professionals who were capable of helping consumer and their interests. In fact, in 2014, Mr. Cox assisted many 1,000’s of Timeshare owners to bring, to the attention of the Courts, their own com-plaints and openly encouraged many to terminate the contracts they were bound too. Mr. Cox gave ‘free advice’, explained effective ways to get out of the contracts and continued with the Sandy Grey campaign, encouraging consumers to stop paying the maintenance fees. Via his website, information, news articles and reports information poured out into the public domain. On account of the efforts of Mr. Cox  many people understood the product they had acquired, the contraventions in the selling process and the horror that existed behind what was portrayed as a sea of glamour.

In 2015 Cox provided a termination service, as a combatant to those who over-charged consumers for legal services and continued to report- including in the main stream press- the problems, in an attempt to expose the Rouges and roguish behavior. Because of the position he adopted, he did anger some in the industry and others who continually exploited Consumers. By way of the evidence he supplied to others, many were provided with a clear path to obtain good foundational advice.

What history shows is that in 2014 Cox delivered a scathing campaign against mis-selling Timeshare Resorts, ‘cold callers’, TATOC and he further exposed the linkage between the Timeshare Industry and the likes of ‘The Timeshare Task Force’, ‘Timeshare Business Check’ and ‘Kwik Chex’.

In 2015, he represented many thousands of consumers, delivered free advice and close-down sales operations at a Resort in Cornwall, Wales and others.

In 2016 David Cox [and TESS] Bankrupted and/or closed down ‘Harry Taylors’ Companies TATOC and TATOC Consumer Helpline Ltd, delivered scathing reports on Leisure Credits and Points suppliers, and presented more than 250 compensation claims in the UK and Spain.

In 2017 Mr. Cox assisted in the closing down of other timeshare sales companies who were mis-selling Timeshare contracts. On account of the mis selling, colossal claims were delivered to many Timeshare Resorts, who then dismissed their fleet of aggressive salesmen.

TESS has to date assisted many consumers and have presented over 2,000 termination notices which fully explained why TESS’s clients are entitled to rescind the contract and claim compensation.

As the Resort dismissed many timeshare sales people, some left the Timeshare industry with stolen lists of those who bought timeshares. With those lists they began to ‘cold called’ Timeshare Owners claiming they could get them a termination of the timeshare, they in fact mis-sold. From stolen lists, fake websites and in an attempt to extort money from Timeshare Owners, many scammers created ‘mayhem’ taking money from the consumers in exchange for nothingness. So, Cox refocused his effort on identifying them, their unlawful products, shoddy advice and unprofessionalism which upset a number of con-men. In typical style, they never sort to argue that Cox was wrong but did covertly create websites in which to attack and discredit Mr. Cox and his efforts.

In the present battle, many more ruses have been identified, exposed, arrested and jailed or about to be jailed. On account of the efforts put in by Mr. Cox, he is under constant attract from un-identified websites which operate unlawfully and behind illegal privacy shields. Despite the onslaught of abuse online, TESS (Timeshare Exist and Support Service) are being approached by more and more consumers, so as to obtain ‘no win no fee’ opportunities. Under the management of Mr. Cox, TESS has made hundreds of claims and they are being settled by their opponents every month returning ‘hard cash’ to the needy consumers.

In that back-drop TESS have grown in financial standing and have assisted in the re-launching of this ‘free services’ provided by the Timeshare Association.