Cost law Draftsman

The term; Law Costs Draftsman - LCD - refers to a specialist who settles the legal costs of a court case. The task centres on a procedure known as the ‘detailed assessment’ of costs, which is controlled by statute in England and Wales. Like timeshare it is controlled by stator provisions those working as law cost Draftsmen know that sectors. In saying this they don’t know litigations nor Howe to apply the law in other legal cases like timeshare.

A good LCD will be a member of a professional body like the Association of Cost Lawyers (ACL), which regulates and provides training and accreditation for Law Costs Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers in the UK. If they claim to be a law costs drafts man you can check them and their credentials out. If they are not members and have simply jumps ship one might question their knowledge understanding of the law, they intend to apply an ability to represent you.