Contentious and Non-Contentious


The difference between contentious and non-contentious legal work is that contentious legal work relates to legal disputes that take place between two or more parties in such places as courts. Non-contentious legal work relates to disputes occurring between one or more parties, during the sale or purchase of property, goods or services, for example, whereby the parties hope not to trouble the courts.

This is very useful to know in terms of timeshare related problems and legal services as many scammers operate and suggest that they can get you compensation. This is a falsehood, as in the event that the dispute goes to a court, you will need a solicitor and they will only take instruction from you (the client) not your salesman. Most timeshare-centred legal marketing companies do not understand the difference. Litigious and non-litigious similarly apply in a lot of cases.

Examples of contentious legal work simply I can assure you that this will involve Crime, Family, Employment, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Shipping (Wet), Construction, Immigration, Personal Injury and Contentious Probate.

Examples of non-contentious legal work: Conveyancing, Commercial Property, Corporate Finance, Corporate Commercial, Shipping (Dry), Aviation, Energy, Commercial Contracts, Wills & Probate and Pre-action Work.