Consumer Advice


The first consideration when engaging with any consumer association, not financed by Government is ‘what’s the purpose’?

We are a ‘community company’, ‘under guarantee’ and entirely run by volunteers. The company does not have shares and therefore cannot distribute any profits. The Timeshare Association uses all its income and surpluses delivering an advice service to timeshare consumers.  You can read about us on this website.

So, firstly we don’t charge timeshare consumers for the advice we give.

We don’t recommend anyone or have ambassador’s servants or agents. We are very much abreast of what is going on in timeshare and related product circles and applaud those who try to deliver ‘good’ service to others.

In the event that we cannot assist you we will refer or signpost you to others.

Who pays us?

The Association has been around for 4 years and we still retain reserves which flowed from donating sales of assets and other activities. Further we have invested some funds which now provide an investment income. Of course, we do have a need to increase that income, so that our services can be extended and delivered in the future.

All funding will be used to assist the timeshare community, as outlined in our ‘Articles of Association’.

To ensure we service the needs of the consumer, some work we do for traders is chargeable however, timeshare owners will not be charged anything.

So our advice services to consumers are entirely free.

Any donations will be very much appreciated. Should you like to become an advisor and be in a position whereby you can assist with giving consumer information to consumers you are encouraged to provide a CV so that we can make contact with you.

Our advice

Unlike most, we will not be selling you anything.

All we intend doing is taking calls, listening to the issues you face, give independent advice and then discus your options.

You don’t have to:

  • sign a contract or pay anything
  • attend a sales presentation
  • come to our office
  • commit to anything
  • give us your personal details
  • accept the advice
  • or act upon it

We don’t:

  • recommend or expect you to use any company or service we discuss with you
  • cold call
  • pass your data to others (without your consent)
  • ask for or expect money
  • get referral fees
  • make you sign contracts

What’s the process?

When you call the Timeshare Association, you will speak to an advisor, who will try and understand the issues you face and the advice you need. If the advisor cannot fully assist you, they refer your matter to another who is more qualified.

If you are referred to someone else, you will be given a contact name who will give you ‘on point’ free advice and you are under no obligation to do anything.

What you do discuss with anyone at the Timeshare Association will remain private and confidential and always.

To assist in collecting publishing data, you might be asked to fill out a survey so as to assist us further however, it’s not mandatory.

At present, we hope to attract timeshare exchange companies, timeshare re-sellers, lawyers, foreign law firms, solicitors, chat forums and other advice centres so the timeshare consumer can obtain impartial advice.

We can also act as a sounding board, delivering information, however it is always your choice whether or not you take it.

Our entire purpose is to deliver to the timeshare owner good advice so financial injury is avoided.