Consumer Action Line - Cold Calling Allegations

On the 19th of June 2019 the consumer group Mind Timeshare delivered concerns regarding the activities of The Consumer Action Line and on account of consumer cold calling allegations, made by consumers.

No explanations have been given as to how, where and when the Consumer Action Line obtained the consumers' private and personal details to make such cold calls.

This claimed Consumer Action Line is a new terse website, it’s not a company nor has any detailed information as to the operators. That explained, a simple search on WHOIS reveals the owners are so scared about revealing themsleves as owners of the website, they have elected to protect their identity hiding behind a privacy shield in Panama.

It boasts a telephone number 0333 3441271 and to date that number has been checked 72 times by concerned people and 2 comments suggest that they are sick of getting the calls. They are not regulated to deliver your claims and no legal credentials exist which you can check out. They insist the “Consumer Action Line” is an independent advisory company that helps timeshare owners to clearly understand their current options however, a company does not exist in that named form. Regarding the claimed legal rulings it must be said, that they have obtained the information from others.

The office is detailed as Office 24844 and is listed at a PO BOX number 6945 somewhere in LONDON somewhere in W1A 6U.

On the website it suggests that the Consumer Action Line earned 4.7 stars in its first year, however the star rating is unqualified. That said, it has only been in existence since May this year, so this too is likely to be folly.

No privacy or data policy exists on this website, which is obligated by the law.