Compensation Eze Group and Regency Shores

Eze Group is an intimidating company who owner "bullied and frightened" victims into shelling out more than £200,000 in the latest proven timeshare scam - He has now been jailed.

Mr. Dominic O'Reilly (CEO) was the owner of this intimidating company known to many as - Eze Group. They took millions from imeshare consumers on promises that they would get out of the erroneous timeshare contacts they had entered previously. Eze Group induce consumers by buy Mr O’ Reilly's ‘leisure credit’ product which was dressed-up as ‘concierge services’. Consumers would be given millions of credits to buy leisure products that in many cases did not exist.

The court heard from one example group - that Eze Group manipulated 36 elderly victims into paying nearly £205,000.

Eze Group was managed by Mr O’Reilly's daughter Stephanie - of Dickens Heath, Solihull. The pair would invite consumers to take free mini-breaks and whilst lounging in the sun they were told they had to present themselves in a hideous sales presentation. Of course, nothing in life is free and when in the confines of the sales presentation, they were bullied and broken down in long one-to-one conferences with expert timeshare salesman for, in some cases eight hours.

In this case the court ruled, aggressive and highly manipulative sales tactics were employed to ensure the customer paid the fees claimed and they signed up for services they had never heard of, sought, wanted or needed.

The case has been settled now and Mr O’Reilly has been jailed for 28 months, his daughter received a suspended sentence. Many victims will be seeking compensation which in lot of case will prove hard to obtain as a serious crime was committed. That crime required investigation and when the crime was admitted, the police under the Proceeds of Crime Act issued a confiscation or civil recovery order to recover the proceeds of the crimes the perpetrated.

POCA gives prosecutors and financial investigators the power to locate and seize money made by the criminals to disrupt criminal networks, prevent the funding of further illegal activity and compensate victims for their ordeals.

More updates can be given by Praetorian Legal Ltd which does remain in existence to date. It was Praetorian Legal who were commissioned by Eze Group to assist consumers with timeshare related issues. More importantly the two directors and shareholders of Praetorian Legal were Mr O Reilly and Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith. However, Mr O Reilly returned his 50% shareholder in Praetorian in April 2017. As Mrs Smith was also a director of the Eze Group Leisure Credit Association Ltd she could know more or in the alternative her husband Mr Gary Smith who owned LCM Law Ltd. It was LCM that was employed by Eze Group to ensure the sales complied with consumer protection regulations.


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