The CEO of Mercantile Claims Management Solution Ltd admits he employs criminals

In a swift turn of events, Mr Gary Smith - the Chief Operating Officer of Mercantile Clams Management Solutions Ltd [Mercantile] admits they and Praetorian Legal Ltd [Praetorian] have and continue to - employ criminals in their business model, which is described by them as tendering legal advice to timeshare consumers.

Praetorian is now owned and controlled by the notorious Mr Gary Smith, who took up the reins from Mr. Dominic O'Reilly who is now jailed for crimes he perpitrated against consumers (criminal 1). It was Mr O' Reilly and Mrs Karen Hesker Smith (wife of Gary Smith) who set up by the now debunked Praetorian Legal which in turn was incorporated to assist the Eze Group leisure credit sales decks.



Leisure credits was a perversion of discounted holiday entitlements referred to as ‘long-term holiday products’ which in this case lacked the benefits promised, therefore were much complained of.

When Mr O'Reilly face criminal charges his sidekick Mr Smith took up the reins in Praetorian and when in charge, Smith commissioned Mr Ian Patrick Benbow (criminal 2) who is referred to by the Timeshare Consumer Association as being ‘the Bandit from Bolton’.



When exposing this ex-solicitor, the Consumer Association noted he was jailed after a court found he had lifted £64,000 from 16 client bank accounts in order to cover up his tracks.  The once high-flying ‘rag-a-muffin’, skimmed tens of thousands of pounds whilst in turn claiming he was giving his clients a leg up in life.

Benbow explained to the courts that he ‘needed the money to pay off his own debts as well as other things’ and when asked “why have you done this” Benbow's response was “he needed money to buy Christmas presents and food”.

Benbow ‘cannot be trusted in the future and is a danger’ said the court.

Slung out of the “I’m A Solicitor Club”.

Benbow was found guilty of “disgraceful conduct of the highest level and the judge stated he was clearly a “risk to the public”.

Now a kingpin in both legal firms Praetorian and Mercantile, the Birmingham Smiths deliver tens of thousands of pounds to marketing companies in order to increase its commonage in the service its delivers.

That alleged service involves the delivery of legal advice, in part delivered by a 31-year-old ex-convict known to have spun a web of ‘outrageous lies’ while dipping into 16 different clients’ bank accounts and the alleged service is supported by fake ‘legal indemnity certificates’ created and sold by Mr Smith.

These indemnity certificates have been exposed as worthless and non-existent, failing to indemnify anyone.

To those who have identified this sham, Mr Smith alleges they have defamed him and his companies, yet Mr Smith has failed to issue any such claims in the courts, as to do so would expose his machinations.