Billy the Bridegroom Has No Mates

In an effort to cut the cost of a wedding, one wedding party expects their wedding guests to sit through a long and arduous timeshare sales presentation as part of the nuptials. Mexican new age wedding planners have come up with a unique way of saving couples' money for their wedding day, however the consequences are ‘a few coppers are saved’ but their friends are left with a bitter pill. The new but objectional gift given by the wedding party attendees is that they are made to sit through a long timeshare presentation as part of their wedding festivities.

Most wedding guests attending such ceremonies are not opposed to the giving and receiving of presents but attending with an obligation whereby they are exposed to a scammer, takes the biscuit.

The story was posted to a U.S. blog site, whereby one wedding guest was looking for advice on whether she should or should not go to the wedding. The blogger explained the bride and groom were friends, lived in the same apartment complex and were planning to tie the knot in Cancun. The lady blogger was naturally hesitant to go for obvious reasons, finances, flight costs, hotel fees and the need to take at least three days off of work. However in this case, the blogger claimed she was not particularly close to the couple, but her boyfriend was and he wanted to go to get a break from work. She claimed “the bride and groom want all the guests to sit through a timeshare presentation in order to attend the wedding’!

It was also explained, the wedding party would hopefully get something out of presentation like a ‘free trip’, ‘hotel room’, etc and if they signed up. Despite sitting through a timeshare presentation, all the guests of the wedding party are expected to pay for their trips, so in her view “the bride and groom are expecting the guest to be exposed to scamming”.

Maybe the bride and groom are reaping some sort of benefits from guests attending the wedding, one the blogger said “whilst another explained "I would put my foot down and refuse to attend". One advisor explained it's absurd to invite your friends and allow them to become exposed to paying for something they never sought or wanted before the invitations landed through the letter box.

Another blogger responded, “Um no. I would not be attending. I’d refuse to sit through a timeshare even when they offer free rooms and dinners etc."