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The Good the Bad the Ugly

When many consumers acquired their timeshares, they were happy to do so and some elected to acquire more of the same product and/or alternative ones. Most asked the right questions, considered the matters fully, understood what was being acquired and have experienced a happy time owning timeshare. They don’t preach, warn or tender any dissent as they simply got what they paid for and are the silent majority.

On the other side of the coin, many acquired timeshare and did not fully appreciate the liabilities and failed to appreciate the mechanics of optimizing the product fully. Some did not know what they had bought, therefore have become frustrated with the product, some believing it was mis-sold. Their voice became that of the objecting dissenter believing they could not unravel the position.

Then you have the few who were scammed, mis-sold, and tied into precarious contracts delivering heartache year after year. Suffering from the resorts who elevated the management fees and removed from consumers their existing timeshare, the ones who took more money and delivered more heartache. These consumers were so aggrieved they vocalised the scams and after trawling the fast-growing internet contacted others who felt the same way.

They were enraged and went to the lawmakers, the press, and the advice centres expressing dissent regarding the products. To avoid doubt they were right to do so and were rewarded with new laws and regulations. The dissenter in some cases found solace in the others and their voices grew louder and louder. When the laws came in and the products were regulated again the clear majority complied, whilst the ugly ones ignored it and continued mis-selling, overcharging and further criminalising the timeshare industry.

So, it’s a fact that some are very happy, others content, others disgruntled whilst some were scammed. The debate roles on with the introduction of the scam lawyers who claim that everyone and every case will be delivering compensation in their £1,000s. Thus, the greed button was pressed for a lot of consumers who will be taking a trip down the litigation road having paid substantial amounts of money to ex timeshare salesmen peddling a dream.