All Round Travel Services Ltd & Mr John Shenton Fosbery

Today, we discuss ‘All Round Travel Services Ltd’ [ARTS] whose registered office is located at 22 The Village Sq, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 1AW.  This company was incorporated on the 8th of August 2016 and was previously called ‘ChatChat Ltd’.

ARTS is a dormant company, is valued at £1.00 which becomes alarming when you consider that it’s this insurance company which is supporting Mercantile Claims Solutions Management Ltd with the provision of ‘legal Insurance cover’ which gives hundreds of policyholder £10,000 worth of legal protection cover. So, the exposure is in the millions of £.

ARTS does not have a website but are mentioned on the site www./ and consumers are asked to contact telephone 0845 053 2952 or e-mail

John Shenton Fosbery ACII [Mr Fosbery] is also the managing director of Palm Services Ltd [PALM] as claimed on his ‘Linked In’ profile which is also confirmed by Companies House records. It is also stated that PALM and ARTS are the 2 parts of the MGP Group who offers travel services. The website says, ‘PALM provides simple but tailor-made solutions to protect trading assets, insolvency exposures for consumer protection'. PALM further claim on the FCA Register that, Palm Services Ltd.’s trading brands are ‘The MGP Group’ Mattinson Ginty & Partners Mgp-hf and PALM. What is not declared is - Mr. Fosbery trades as ‘All Round Travel Services Ltd’ as well. That said, MGP Group is no longer registered with the FCA.

Therefore: -

The website MGP Group is not a limited company but is a brand name of Palm Services Ltd. ARTS is not authorised to sell insurance by the FCA.

Note: -There is a company called MGP Group Ltd however it is directed and owned by Mark Gledhill and was incorporated on 23rd of January 2019 thus, are not part of this topic.

The unincorporated MGP Group was formed in 1974 and Mr. Fosbery’s role within the MGP Group is as Managing Director of PALM who acts as a registered insurance intermediary, so it’s a group of one.

Mr Fosbery's personal expertise and specialisms are in the regulatory and compliance aspects of the travel industry and Palm is registered with the FCA reference number: 475323 and like ARTS it too, is located at 22 Village Square Bramhall Stockport Cheshire SK7 1AW.  Its contact details are: 0161 873 0816 or email them at   PALM do not have a website, is valued at £16,504 with cash in the bank totalling £139.00, and its company number is 06497147.

Mr John Shenton Fosbery is registered by the FCA and his registration number is JSF01056. This computes as an individual that can perform some tasks in an authorised firm and being FCA Regulated, he is known as 'approved person'.

Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority registration number 831699 and they are located at Unit 2 Marlin Office Village 1250 Chester Road Castle Vale Birmingham West Midlands B35 7AZ. Tel number 0121 5169600 Email and the contact name is Mr. Gary Smith.

It has permission to carry out ‘claims management’ activities - not - selling insurance. Its other brands are Claim Exerts 4 U and Mis Sold Claims Assist (no websites).

Mercantile claims; its services are now covered by the insurance policy provided by ARTS and that policy will cover you if the resort ever decides to take any action against you. The total cover is claimed to be worth £10,000 per client. One lady client  from Scotland has tried to claim, has received the cold shoulder and been left to fend for herself. Now she is being sued.

Mercantile also claims they provide a one-off solution and other legal service providers cannot provide an insurance product to protect you, mind you - neither can theirs.


To Companies House ARTS is a dormant to the FCA, it's unregulated and an unlicensed company. It does not trade, therefore does not provide or sell any insurance policies, if it does, serious contraventions of law are taking place.

There being no insurance policy, no cover is provided, no indemnity exists, and any alleged cover is non-existent.

In the alternative, ARTS are acting as a mule and assisting others in unlawful activity. Mr Smith whilst being regulated is selling non-existent insurance cover via Mercantile. The questionable product is being officiated over by Mr Ian Patrick Benbow who works for Mercantile and when allegations are made regarding the questionable product, you can expect to get a shirty shut-up letter.

The Financial Conduct Authority, Trading Standards, Police and others have been informed and are now investigating the matter.


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