Acclaimed Resellers

Timeshare Resellers do and have had a very difficult job. For the many decades that the Timeshare products have existed developers have sold them to consumers at resorts. When a consumer has no need for the timeshare, the first ‘port of call’ for the consumer has always been the resort however, not all resorts resell the product they once sold. The problem is satisfied by privately operated re-seller who can play an important role in your journey to re-sell your timeshare.

Some resort will assist consumer to re-sell the products they once sold whilst others don’t, but will sign post you to other that are more qualified to deal with re-selling. In some ways, by using a private re-seller, you can develop larger opportunities and markets.

After all, would you rather try to re-sell and maybe get some sale proceeds of defiantly pay more money for a lawyer to cancel it? The latter might cost you money whereas the former might save you money.

Many are persuaded that they should pursue their resort for compensation or pay to terminate the contract! Has the world gone mad? Has everyone forgotten that-once you bought a product that many say might retain a value - is it not wise to at least try and re sell it to another first?

The re-selling sector did have an awful reputation. The sharks moved in and scammed many consumers, however by way of the 2010, regulation rules were tightened up and most of the sharks disappeared from re-sales, but have surfaced in the delivery of legal services and cold calling advice lines.

Due to regulation, the choppy waters in the re-selling market are quelling. The main risk is legal services and every day we see new and corrupt services coming into existence. The timeshare legal profession is now awash with scammers. On balance is it not safer to try and re-sell.

Furthermore, and what’s more important is, if you decided to pursue a timeshare seller for compensation (because the product was misrepresented) you are required to mitigate your losses and by trying to re-sell the very timeshare you bought, “have tried to mitigate the claimed or perceived loss”? If you haven’t tried to re sell it, you could be in a world of trouble later.

If you were told in a sales presentation that the timeshare had an inherent value, was re-sellable or would deliver you back the money you paid, and you did not try and re sell it, again might find yourself in trouble, because you simply never tried to exploit the re-sale market.

In the world of timeshare disposals, you have two competing sectors, the re-sellers and the legal profession. Quite clearly, the choppy water in the re-selling services have calmed however the delivery of legal service is awash with scammers.

Any Lawyer/Solicitor (worth his salt) will tell you ‘the best advice is try and re-sell the timeshare and take what you can now’, then consider pursuing for compensation, once independent advice is delivered, and the loss has been established.

In any market you will find the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The good ones have survived, whilst the Ugly haven’t (they tend to die out pretty quickly). Over time the timeshare industry has tried to compile a list of what they perceived to be the ‘better re-sellers’ and its some of these re seller which we have place in our list which will be subject to change.

I am sure the companies listed below will try to help you, sell, rent, swop or exchange (for other products) unwanted timeshares.

We don’t recommend anyone however; the list contains companies that are highly regarded traders
Confused About Timeshare
Rourke House
Watermans Business Park
The Causeway
TW18 3BA

Timeshare Shop Ltd
109 Chorley Road
M27 4AA
Telephone: UK 0800 5424466 or 0161 7945241

Aberfoyle Holidays Ltd
Viewforth, Main St
Tel: 01877 382390

SellMyTimeshareNow, LLC

8545 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone 1-877-815-4227 or 1-603-516-0200

Other Inquires

Timeshare Hyper-Market

Venator House
Top Floor, 9 St Stephen's Court,
15-17 St Stephens Road

tel 01202 544 870 buyers
Tel 01202 544 871 sellers


Travel and Liesure

Rourke House
Watermans Business Park
The Causeway
TW18 3BA
UK: + 44 1784 451355

Selling UK Freephone – 0800 071 1372

Buying UK Freephone – 0800 071 4674

General UK – 01787 881111