Welcome to the Timeshare Association

You’ll be glad you found us”

We are The Timeshare Association. Our purpose is to talk to all those who have an equal desire to assist timeshare consumers to navigate through timeshare products, options, benefits and liabilities. We are here to assist all with free and unfettered advice. We have, in some form or another, delivered a service to consumers and clubs since May 2014.

We give assistance to all UK consumers free of charge, with integrity and in the hope that you perceived problems come to an end. Supporting us are many traders in timeshare circles who we believe deliver on balance; a reasonable service. They might not be able to satisfy everyone all the time, however they try. They have existed for some time, are solvent and regulated or licenced to do what they do.

We work with clubs and pass on offers to those who seek advice from you and will be willing to assist you in helping your members to either stay in or leave timeshare ownership.

We collate information for our own purposes. However it will not be released to another without your consent to do so.

The Good

Far too many times the good in timeshare is overlooked by many. We are aware that many in timeshare circles try to do what they can, while also operating within restrictive boundaries, for the purpose of delivering the fantastic product that the timeshare set out to be.

The Bad

Many practices have been exposed correctly and since then, the perpetrators have changed their ways and delivered a re-emergence of the good they once practiced. We hope more will do the same.

The Ugly

The ugly come in a variety of guises: the scammers, the fraudsters, the nasty and unlawful traders who will not change their ways. The arrested, convicted, imprisoned and exposed.

Timeshare is fraught with bad practices, unscrupulous traders resulting in a tarnished image, degrading resorts and poor resale values. We intend to uphold and preserve integrity and promote honest and open practices in the industry and on behalf of consumers.

Any and all information provided to us will be in held in confidence, used only to promote best practice and in the protection of consumers' clubs and the industry as a whole.

We assist consumers to stay in timeshare exchange and should they want to leave, their cases will be handled by experts in the field of timeshare law. If you want to promote your club and are consumer controlled, we are here to assist you.

We collate information on scams, deceptions and tricksters then provide others with the information, whether they be the timeshare industry, the authorities or government departments.

When timeshare developers involved in the industry make claims and promote their wares, we will investigate the claims, reports, alleged benefits and liabilities.

We are a company “limited by guarantee” and the only “not for profit” community company operating in the UK in the service of timeshare consumers.


tel: - 01253 208487

E;mail - advice@timeshareassociation.co.uk